Parenting the Shit out of Life. Literally.

Let’s talk potty training.

G. daytime potty trained like a dream. We tried once or twice when she was small, around 18 months. She was showing signs, she wanted to sit on the potty, she asked for it, but it never went anywhere. Around 2 we tried again; she would pee in the potty once, then find a corner to hide in and use that for the rest of the day.

At 2 1/2 I had two weeks off for Christmas break, and I decided “This is it. We’re doing this.” And this time, it worked. Within 2 days she was accident free.

Night training has been a whole different issue. At first, she was in pull ups, and that was fine. She stayed dry for almost a month. And then she was having accidents almost every night. Nothing seemed to help; we tried reward charts, we tried restricting fluids, we tried getting her up to pee during the night. All that did was keep her awake at night, because she was not the type to just lay down and go back to sleep. When she was up, she was UP.

So we decided to just roll with it. Let her stay in her pull ups. Whatever, she’s only 3. But then, she started peeing in her pull-ups on purpose. She would wake up dry, and then wet herself. Or, she would get up out of her bed 3 or 4 times before she fell asleep because she needed a dry pull-up. When the morning came that she crawled into MY bed, peed in her pull-up, and it leaked all over MY mattress – the one with no mattress cover – I decided enough was enough. I took her out of the pull-ups. I figured, at this point, there’s a bit of behaviour issues that is going along with this. This isn’t strictly biological, she’s doing this out of laziness, or behaviour regression because her brother was getting up at night so she needed to too. Who knows. But, we ended up cutting the pull-ups at the worst possible time – when the local Walmart was out of mattress covers. Of course. We ended up going with some Goodnights bed pads, and they worked fine for a while but they only covered so much surface area, and now her mattress is basically ruined. It was working though, we could get down to one accident a week, usually less than that. And then all of a sudden, she was wetting the bed again. Like, two or three times a night sometimes. It was so frustrating, especially since her brother had just started to sleep better, and now she was up so many times needing her blankets changed. I was doing SO MUCH LAUNDRY just to keep up with the demand for sheets. I was exhausted.

This meant, back to pull-ups. However, she had been out of them for so long that they were super uncomfortable. I was hoping that would mean she would stop peeing at night so that she wouldn’t need them anymore but surprise! She adjusted and now doesn’t complain about them anymore. However, she has been asking me the last few days when she can go back to just panties again.

Now I’m at a standstill. I want her to be able to wear panties to bed again. I know she’s not super comfortable, I know she doesn’t love wearing diapers like her brother does. However, she’s still waking up wet at least 1-2 times a week. I told her two nights ago, if she made it to the end of the week and stayed dry (i.e. until Monday, which is the 1st day of the month) then she could go back to panties. That night she had two accidents. So what do I do? Do I risk going back to having to change sheets every two nights? That’s especially less than ideal, since her brother now shares her room. Or do I keep her in pull-ups when I know she’s uncomfortable both physically and emotionally? I’m sort of stuck in the middle here.

Please let me figure this out before L. decides he’s done with diapers too 🤣